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Professor Samansky to Direct New Degree Program

The M.S.L. program is targeted at scholars in non-legal academic disciplines and professionals who frequently deal with legal issues. According to Dean Nancy Rogers, "our J.D. students will benefit from having scholars from other disciplines participate in the class discussion. In addition, the new masters program will make it possible for those in other disciplines to contribute more effectively to the development of law."

The new program will offer a non-professional degree and will provide an education in legal principles and methodology for students and professionals in other disciplines who have no previous legal training and require or could benefit from knowledge of the legal system. Dean Rogers says, "The year of study will help them understand the legal perspectives as they write about public policy related to their own disciplines."

In order to gain admission to the program, a student must hold a doctoral degree in a discipline other than law or must have completed a program of study of at least 45 quarter hours or 30 semester hours toward a doctoral degree. These educational requirements could be waived for applicants with extensive background or experience whose work would benefit significantly from legal training and who would contribute significantly to the program.

Students admitted to the M.S.L. program will be required to complete 30 semester hours in legal courses offered at the Moritz College. Each student will design his or her individual course of study, in accordance with his or her academic or professional interests, subject to approval by the program's director.

M.S.L. students will be permitted to enroll in upper-level elective courses at the Moritz College. In addition, they will be required to complete at least three traditional first-year law courses in order to gain the necessary foundation for upper-level courses in their particular areas of interest.

L. Camille Hébert, Carter C. Kissell Professor of Law, spearheaded the Moritz College's effort to implement the new M.S.L. program. She says, " full-time students will be able to complete the M.S.L. program in one year, while part-time students will have up to four years to complete the program's requirements."

Individuals interested in the program should contact Kelly Bott Smith, Director of Enrollment Services, at 614-292-5992. Additional information is available at