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Moritz Librarians Can Assist You in Locating Congressional Research Service (CRS) Reports

CRS reports are highly respected reports prepared for Congress by non-partisan staff of the Library of Congress. Obtaining these reports can be a challenge because CRS does not make the reports available to the public. Copies of the reports do, however, find their way onto the Internet. One way to find the reports on the Internet is to search using a specialized search engine designed to find only CRS reports.

Penny Hill Press has access to the most comprehensive private collection of CRS publications and publishes abstracts of the reports on the web. Once you've found the report you need on the Penny Hill website, just let a reference librarian know the title and order number of the report and we'll order the report for you.

If you'd prefer to see what types of reports are available on a given subject, you can browse one of the many online collections of selected CRS reports maintained by groups, universities or government agencies.

Thurgood Marshall School of Law has a collection of CRS reports that you can view by subjects such as Tax, Criminal Law & Procedure, Election Law, Labor and Employment and many others.

Foreign Relation and related CRS Reports are posted at The U.S. State Department website.