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Professor Douglas J. Whaley Retires with Fitting Tribute

Douglas J. WhaleyThe Moritz College family came together to mark Professor Doug Whaley's retirement with a tribute indicative of his impact on the college. As Doug retires, so too does the tradition of renting a piano for the production of Trial by Jury. One afternoon as his Contracts class drew to a close, Professor Whaley mentioned that he wished someone would donate a piano so that music could forever be a part of the Moritz College of Law. From this off-hand comment a movement was born.

Spurred on by Ted Ramirez '76, Professor Art Greenbaum, Jenny Nelson Carney '04 and Greg Krabacher '05, many alumni, faculty and student donors made this goal a reality. As the final ovations dimmed on the opening night of Trial By Jury, the group presented Dean Nancy Rogers with a new Yamaha K-22 piano. The piano is expected to contribute to the community of the college by providing another avenue for creativity. It will be housed primarily in the William B. Saxbe Auditorium.

Contributions are being accepted in Professor Whaley's honor to both offset the cost of the piano and to provide scholarships to deserving students. If you would like to make a gift to honor the career and teaching of Professor Whaley please contact Jeff Hilperts at (614) 292-5049.