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Buckeye Barrister Club Gets "Go Ahead"

Buckeye Barrister Club
Buckeye Barrister Club

The 6,370 square foot Club will be located directly across 11th Avenue from the law school on the second floor of the building that will house law apartments for 150 Moritz students, and several retail establishments. The Club will have a separate entry on 11th Avenue, a dining room, entryway, stairs and elevator, conference room, interviewing rooms, and a balcony overlooking Drinko Hall. This construction represents the beginning of the Gateway Project, a university-supported development initiative designed to revitalize the neighborhood adjacent to campus.

Based on market research with prospective and current students, the law apartments will be designed to be as affordable as possible for Moritz students. The law apartment project will proceed without a funding commitment from the College. Students will begin occupying the apartments in August 2005 according to projections.

The Barrister Club concept evolved over time. The faculty Administration Committee first recommended additional events space for the College. John Drinko '44, the Baker & Hostetler lawyer for whom the law school building is named, took a strong interest in the events facility and suggested the College use the space to bring faculty, staff, and students together, and provide a place where judges and lawyers might dine with students and strengthen their mentoring relationships with them. The leadership and strong alumni giving from Baker & Hostetler helped make the project possible.

"While $1.2 million is a great start, we still need to raise $1 million to make this vision a reality," says Alec Wightman '75, co-chair. This energetic committee has agreed to continue until the fundraising for the Club is complete.

view from High and 11th
The view from the corner of High Street and 11th Avenue.

The OSU Faculty Club provided a business plan under which the Faculty Club can manage the facility for the College. The Faculty Club will help offset operating and management costs through utilization of the space for conferences, receptions, and other special events during periods in which the College is not using the Barrister Club.

Co-Chairing the ongoing Buckeye Barrister Club fund-raising effort are Alec Wightman '75 and Frank E. Bazler '53. Committee members include William E. Arthur '53, George Bennett, Jr. '78, Sally Ward Bloomfield '69, Daniel Guttman '97, Thomas Kahle '75, Terrence Kessler '75, R. Steven Kestner '79, Sherri B. Lazear '85, Frederick R. Reed '73, Michael D. Saad '66, Richard Sargeant '57, David Ward '58, Robert J. Watkins '53, and Kenneth A. Zeisler '61.

Alumni wishing to learn more can contact any of these committee members or the College's new Development Director, Molly McArdle at 614-292-0601 or at