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Justice O'Connor to Visit Moritz in March

As part of the faculty commitment to creating one of the nation's best learning environments, top legal scholars and jurists are invited to visit the College and interact with students. Associate Dean Alan Michaels is working with faculty and alumni leaders to maximize learning opportunities afforded by Justice O'Connor's visit.

Third-year students will fill the 200-seat Saxbe Auditorium while remaining students meet in small groups throughout the College in "smart" classrooms that will allow them to view Justice O'Connor's remarks from the auditorium in real time via the Internet. Joining students will be alumni who serve on the College's National Alumni Council, and Moritz College professors.

Justice O'Connor
Justice O'Connor, after receiving the Ohio State Law Award presented by
the College

Following the "Inns of Court" model, Justice O'Connor will join faculty, students and alumni in a guided discussion of questions of importance to both legal education and the nation as whole. Side by side, students and alumni will learn from one another as they explore these issues, with insights from Justice O'Connor.

Justice O'Connor has many connections to the Moritz College of Law. John D. Drinko-Baker and Hostetler Chair in Law and Director of the John Glenn Institute Deborah Jones Merritt served as a judicial clerk to Justice O'Connor.

Justice O'Connor visited the College in May 1992 to receive the Ohio State Law Award for outstanding contributions to the legal profession and American society. In May 2000, Justice O'Connor joined law alumni for a breakfast reception preceding their group swearing-in before the U.S. Supreme Court. This summer, RonNell Jones '00 will begin work as a judicial clerk to Justice O'Connor for the 2003 term.