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Law Alumni Adventurers Travel the World

Sandman family
Dan Sandman '73, wife Bonnie, and daughters Erica and Christy enjoy an Irish pub lunch.

The "dream book" is the OSU Alumni Association tour catalog mailed annually to members of the Alumni Association. Ralph Amiet '67 and Suzanne Ritter are just two of its devotees. A corporate attorney with Buckingham, Doolittle and Burroughs, Ralph spent most of his adult life entranced by the romance of East Africa chronicled in the novels of Robert Raurk and Ernest Hemmingway. The travel catalog's exquisite visual detail about a tour to Kenya and Tanzania was too enticing to resist. Suzanne Ritter, married to Dan Ritter '56 of Kegler Brown Hill & Ritter waits anxiously each year for its arrival. The catalog has inspired this adventurous couples' travel to Russia, Tanzania, Kenya, Italy, and, next fall, Spain.

Why do they choose OSU over so many other travel options? Patti Cattey, Director of Alumni Tours, says the Alumni Association works hard to put together an array of tours that will appeal to alumni of varying ages and interests. This year alone, graduates sampled classic Europe and explored the hidden fjords and glaciers of Alaska. In August, alumni will navigate Class III rapids on the lower Salmon River and in September, Buckeyes will board a deluxe private Boeing 737 for a 15-day expedition to National Parks of the West. As evidence of the popularity of the travel program, the polar bear migration trip scheduled for November is already sold out. Always looking for new and unusual trips, the association will offer a steelhead trout-fishing trip in 2004.

Lee Cole
Lee Cole '68 and African gatherer

One of the unique features of OSU Alumni Tours is the presence of experts who can enrich the trip with their knowledge. Ralph Amiet's '67 trip to Kenya was enhanced by the observations of the daughter of the country's foremost ornithologist. "She was an extraordinary guide," says Ralph, "Raised and educated in Nairobi, she was knowledgeable about everything from wildlife to the position lawyers hold in the government." His dream of a lifetime became the "two most exciting weeks of my life."

A retired OSU Slavic language professor accompanied Dan Ritter's group to Russia. His command of the language enabled those on tour to talk directly with Russians they encountered on the streets. Their on-site tour director was a Moscow native. Specialized "Alumni College" tours combining travel and education are also available. Dan Sandman '73, wife Bonnie and daughters Christy and Erica recently toured Ireland and learned about its rich literary tradition and history from the Great Potato Famine to its current role in the European Union.

Alumni Association tour planners' work to be flexible. They can handle singles like Ralph and families like the Sandmans and can accommodate special needs, be they dietary or limited mobility. If you like a tour but can't get away when it is being offered, the alumni association will work to link you with a tour operator offering the trip at another time. "There is more at stake than travel," says Alumni Tours Director Cattey, "We're in the business of cultivating long-term relationships." Dan Ritter, who has taken three alumni association trips agrees, "With OSU travel, you know who you're dealing with and they treat you well." A true believer, he concludes, "The most unique thing about alumni tours is the fun of experiencing travel with other Buckeyes."

Some OSU College units have begun to arrange travel for their alumni groups. Fisher College of Business, for example, will be taking a group of alumni to Cuba. If you would like to travel with Moritz law alumni, let us know where you'd like to go and if sufficient interest exists, we'll begin investigating options.