Beyond the glass ceiling

In the College’s class of 2017, women outnumber men for the first time in the school’s history: 87 of the 168 first-year students (51.8… Read article

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Dean's Letter

Diversity and inclusion essential aspects of the Moritz community

Embracing diversity is the right thing to do as a moral imperative and the strategic thing to do because legal employers and their clients demand… Read article

Office Hours

Q&A with Doug Berman

On any given day, there are headlines in newspapers all across the country on the hot topic of the death penalty. Douglas A. Berman, Robert… Read article

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Legal Writing for Legal Readers

For lawyers from all backgrounds, practice areas, and geographical locations, there is one truism that extends throughout the entire legal community:… Read article

1 Degree, 10 Careers

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Moritz Law is home to one of the nation’s finest alternative dispute resolution (ADR) programs, which studies and trains future lawyers in… Read article