LL.M. Admissions

Experience Moritz
From the Briefing Room

adunagow “The difference between professors here and my professors back home  is how the professors at Moritz relate to students.  They are approachable—always ready to answer  your questions and concerns. ” – Adunagow, D.R. Congo, LL.M. Class of 2010



ayesha“Seeking higher education abroad is everyone’s dream who is  committed to her field. I applied with high expectations to U.S. universities,  and my expectations were fulfilled at Moritz. Also, I learned to think  critically here in law school. Our education system in general [in Pakistan]  and law school in particular don’t pay attention to this basic fact: to train  the pupil to question without fear, and enable them to critically analyze a situation.” – Ayesha, Pakistan, LL.M. Class of 2011



cao“The Ohio State University is an international and prestigious  university in the U.S.  Moreover, the  staff in our program are extremely kind and nice.  We had a lot of communications before I came  here and I trust them.” – Cao, China, LL.M. Class of 2010



charles“I have dreamed of studying in America since I was a boy.  The classes at Moritz are the most  challenging and interesting I have ever taken.   Each day I am excited to go to class and learn.” – Charles, Rwanda, Class of 2011



cherry“The professors here are very nice to international students —  their doors are always open. You can ask them as many questions as you want,  and they won’t ignore you or get bored with you. I’m not afraid of the  professors; instead, I feel comfortable talking with them about everything. I feel  at home when I study here.” – Chatchamont, Thailand, Class of 2008, 2009



katrin“I am very impressed with the professors here at the Moritz. Choosing between them is impossible, but I have to mention Professor  Quigley… His knowledge and insight into international law is an inspiration.  Professor Stulberg is at the same level of excellence in the field of dispute  resolution, and opened up a whole new world to me in an area for which I now  have a passion. Professor Chow is also one of the best professors I have  had, having an unparalleled ability to explain the most complicated legal  issues in a way that everyone understands. I am certain that he could teach  quantum physics to a kindergartener.” – Katrín, Iceland, Class of 2011


timur“I was fascinated by the diversity and level of qualification of  the faculty, friendliness of its members, their ‘open door’ policy; I also  enjoy the interaction with J.D. students. These things help to foster intellectual  and cultural interchange and expand our legal horizons. It all makes this  intensive process at Moritz go easier.” Timur, Kyrgyzstan, Class of 2009



celia“You are wrong if you think you will be very lonely if you choose  to study and live in a new foreign city without a friend. Columbus is a big  city, but people here are very nice; they are good at helping students in every  area of their life here. You will never feel lonely in everyday life in Moritz  and Columbus!” – Celia, China, Class of 2011



Adriana 2“At Moritz, I have been impressed by the extremely qualified professors who are always ready to listen to you. I also realized that my friendships with other students have really made my experience complete. We have so many different stories to share. I know that, even when the program ends, we will keep in touch for a very long time.”- Adriana, Costa Rica, Class of 2014



Jad 2“I was passionate about criminal law long before I came here, but, for me, Professor Joshua Dressler is a genius. He is willing to talk with me, and that never happens with professors in my home country. He asks questions, and lets me think for myself. The teachers here are really special.” – Jad, Lebanon, Class of 2014



Ohoud 2“I was determined to go back and practice family law, but now I am thinking of changing my mind after being here. After I’ve seen the way of teaching here – which is extremely different – I would like to go back and teach that way. Maybe I can be a role model for other women who want to do this.” – Ohoud, Saudi Arabia, Class of 2014