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Because our program is a moderate size, our staff can  provide a level of support not seen in other LL.M. programs.  We care deeply about the success of each  student, and strive to be accessible and open to their concerns.

We have an open-door policy, so that students can drop in  with questions, or just to say hello.   Students  also meet individually with the Assistant Dean, as often as necessary, to  fashion a plan for their courses and their time after graduation.

Law school is stressful, and sometimes students need a  break.  We try to schedule several fun activities where they can simply relax and  be together. This year our students have had the opportunity to visit an Amish town. They will also be able to tour a local prison, The Ohio Statehouse, and The Ohio Supreme Court. They have the opportunity attend a football and hockey game. There are also several networking events that students are able to attend.

Our goal is for all of our students to have academic success…  in a place they consider their “home away from home.”