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Alumni Resources

Career Services Manual for Alumni of the LL.M. program


-Stay connected to The Moritz College of Law and the Office of International and Graduate Affairs

-Stay Connected to The Ohio State University Alumni Association

-Stay connected to Ohio State through the Gateway Offices in China, India, and Brazil

-Use the Moritz Law Library as an Alum of the College

  • Post-graduation database access
    • Westlaw Practice-Ready
      • 60 hours/month for 18 months following graduation
    • Students must extend password through the Grad Elite program: https://lawschool.westlaw.com/Registration/GradElite.aspx
    • Bloomberg access for 6 months after graduation (automatic)
    • Lexis access through 2017 (automatic); registering for Lexis’ Aspire Program provides longer access for non-profit work
  • Post-graduation access to Moritz Law Library materials (email library for more information)
  • OSU wireless network continues for 2 years after graduation
  • Moritz Reference Librarians are available for research guidance via email, phone, chat and in person