The Moritz College of Law seeks LL.M. students who are motivated to obtain a rigorous, high quality U.S. legal education. But we are looking for more than simply academic excellence.

The LL.M. Admissions Committee is seeking individuals from a wide range of countries, with diverse legal backgrounds; we encourage the new law graduate to apply right along with the experienced law professor or practitioner. We strongly believe that diversity and differences in personality are critical to the dynamic and stimulating exchanges that are characteristic of the Moritz community.

The LL.M. class is purposely limited to a moderate size.  The class is large enough to create a diverse group from a variety of countries yet small enough to allow our staff to provide individual attention to our LL.M. students.

Since we are carefully looking for the right mix of individuals to accomplish the above goals, it is important that you present your strengths; profile your practical experiences, accomplishments and academic excellence; and give us insight into your goals for the future. We will carefully examine all the elements of your application package in an attempt to get to know you better.

Academic Advising

All LL.M. students receive individualized academic advising to help ensure that course selections and co-curricular activities align with stated goals. Click on the following link to review a sample guide that is distributed to incoming students during the summer prior to arrival: 2015 LLM Guide to the Moritz Curriculum. In addition to this initial advice and guidance with course planning, academic advising appointments are also available throughout the year during the Assistant Dean’s office hours so that students have access to ongoing support.

LL.M. Academic Concentrations

At Ohio State, the LL.M. student has an option to enroll in courses that will qualify as a specialization in a selected area of law. By taking a minimum of 12 semester hours of related courses, the student earns a transcript designation for a concentration in the area.

The following six concentration areas are pre-designed to meet the needs of many LL.M. students:

In addition, the LL.M. student may design a customized concentration in consultation with the Assistant Dean for International and Graduate Affairs.