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Michael E. Moritz Merit Scholarships in Law

Michael E. Moritz ’61 created these full, in-state tuition scholarships to help Ohio State attract and train students with outstanding academic and personal histories who are dedicated to improving the lives of their clients, their communities, and the profession of law. The scholarships are awarded to entering students only.

In addition to having their law school education paid for entirely and receiving a $2,500 supplemental stipend, these distinguished scholars are partnered with mentors who are recognized leaders in their industries. They meet with their mentors several times a year, including a special evening with other scholars and mentors in the fall.

More than 80 benefited from the Moritz family’s generosity since the scholarships were created in 2001. In many cases, these high-achieving students have not only enjoyed professional success without the burden of student loan debt, but they have been inspired by the Moritz story to contribute their skills and personal resources to other causes.


The Michael E. Moritz Merit Scholarships in Law are awarded to entering students only. To be eligible for consideration, applicants must take the LSAT by December 2014 and apply for admission to Ohio State by Feb. 1, 2015.

The applicant’s past academic performance, LSAT score, demonstrated capacity for leadership, contribution to the diversity of the law school community, and other factors indicating the applicant’s potential to excel in all aspects of the law school experience are considered by the selection committee.

Some students admitted to the Moritz College of Law, and identified as having the background and credentials qualifying them for consideration as potential Moritz Scholars, will be invited to complete the Michael E. Moritz Merit Scholarships in Law Application. However, all are welcome to apply.

The scholarship renews automatically if the recipient maintains at least a 3.0 GPA at the end of the academic year. 

Application Materials & Selection Process

To be considered for a Michael E. Moritz Merit Scholarship in Law, applicants need to submit the following

  • a scholarship application
  • directed response essay
  • and letter of recommendation with the writer’s viewpoints on the applicant’s leadership and academic qualities

Applications, essays and  letters of recommendation are to be emailed or postmarked no later than Feb. 15 to lawadmit@osu.edu or to the address belwo. All pieces of the application are accepted via email. Letters of recommendation can be sent directly from the recommender to the email address above. Applications received after the deadline may be considered at the discretion of the Michael E. Moritz Merit Scholarships in Law Selection Committee.

Materials are reviewed by the selection committee, which then selects a group of semifinalists who are invited to interview with a member of the committee. The interview may take place in person or by telephone/Skype.

Download the Michael E. Moritz Merit Scholarships in Law application.

 Applications, essays and/or letters of recommendation that are mailed should be posted to: (email is highly encouraged)

Michael E. Moritz Merit Scholarships in Law Selection Committee
Office of Admissions and Financial Aid
55 W. 12th Ave.
Columbus, OH 43210-1391

*If the applicant receives a bounce-back notification when attempting to submit the application to lawadmit@osu.edu, resend to Liz Casasanta Casasanta.7@osu.edu.