We know there are a lot of questions that come up when considering a law school. Below are some frequently asked questions the admissions staff at the Moritz College of Law receives. However, prospective students should feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns they may have.

General Questions

What is the demographic makeup of your 1L class?

For the entering class of 2012 approximately 45 percent of students were female, and 25 percent were students of color. Students ranged in age from 20-47. We had students from 22 states and 11 foreign countries with 90 different universities represented. More than half of the typical entering class has been in the workforce for one year or more.

What is the minimum LSAT/GPA at Moritz?

We have no minimum LSAT or GPA at Moritz. Typically, our incoming class has a median LSAT score of 162 and median GPA of 3.64.

Do you have a part-time or night program?

No. Our program is full-time, conducted during the day.

May I apply to start in the summer or winter?

No. Fall semester is the only start time for our incoming 1L law students.

Does Moritz offer any specialty programs?

Moritz offers programs in dozens of areas of law. The college also offers certificate programs in International Trade and Development, Dispute Resolution, and Children’s Studies. In addition, we offer the following clinical programs: Civil Clinic, Mediation Clinic, Criminal Defense Clinic, Prosecution Clinic, Justice for Children Clinic, Legislation Clinic, and Entrepreneurial Business Law Clinic. If interested in our clinical programs, feel free to visit their webpage.

Does Moritz offer any dual-degree programs?

Yes. A student may pursue both a law degree and another advanced degree by enrolling concurrently in the Moritz College of Law and in a graduate program. Some of the more popular programs at the J.D./M.B.A, the J.D./M.D, J.D./M.H.A. The most popular dual degree is the J.D./Master’s in Public Policy. For more information please visit our website.

Additionally, more than 100 other programs are available on an individually designed basis, including joint master or Ph.D. degrees in African-American Studies, Education, City and Regional Planning, Political Science, Philosophy, Molecular Genetics, Slavic Languages, Sports Management, and Women’s Studies.

What are your employment statistics?

Job placement statistics are updated frequently by our Career Services Office and can be found here.

How can I receive more information on the Juris Doctorate program at Moritz?

You may visit this link and information will be sent to you automatically.

Where is the Moritz College of Law located?

Situated in Drinko Hall on the sprawling 1,756 acres of The Ohio State University, Moritz marks the southeastern entrance to campus. Less than 2 miles north of downtown, the school is just blocks away from the city’s Short North Arts District, the Arena District, and the Brewery District. Moritz also is less than a mile away from Interstate 71 and State Route 315 and less than 10 miles from Port Columbus International Airport.

Why should I attend law school in Central Ohio?

As the 15th largest city in America with a metropolitan population of more than 1.7 million residents, Columbus is a thriving place to study and start a career. Located in the area are six Fortune 500 companies and more than 700 law firms. Columbus has been named one of the best big cities in which to live (Money), 11th for singles (Forbes), the ninth-top arts city in the nation (AmericanStyle Magazine), and the ninth-best city to live for African-Americans (Black Enterprise). Feel free to check out more about Columbus here. 

I’m interested in visiting Moritz. Do you offer tours?

If you are interested in visiting Moritz, either for a tour or to learn more about our law school, please contact Jimmi Nicholson, assistant director for admissions and diversity and inclusion, at nicholson.104@osu.edu or (614) 688-8212. 

Applying to Moritz

How many applications do you receive?

Each year, Moritz receives around 1,500 applications for approximately 180 spots in the 1L class.

What do you require for your application?

The first step is to take the LSAT and register with the Law School Data Assembly Service (LSDAS). Then, only when we receive these in full, will your application be considered for admission:

  • a completed application with $60 application fee ($70 for international students);
  • two letters of recommendation;
  • a personal statement;
  • a resume;
  • official copies of transcripts from all universities and colleges attended; and
  • (optional) essays on leadership and/or multicultural experience.

When should I take the LSAT?

There is no preferred testing date for the LSAT. It is offered four times a year in February, June, September/October, and December. Please note, however, that we will not accept scores from the June examination in the same year you wish to enroll, as the application deadline will have already passed.

What should I study at my undergraduate institution?

Moritz does not prefer or recommend any single area of study for a prospective student, and our students range in majors from accounting to zoology. While typical “law school majors” such as political science, business, history, and English are prominent, we also have students with backgrounds in engineering, education, biology, and mathematics.

We encourage prospective students to study subjects that to them are most interesting. Focus on majors and courses that offer the chance to write extensively, examine texts, and practice logical reasoning. The Class of 2016 represents 51 different majors, so the possibilities are truly open for any major. 

I tried checking my application status online but I can’t log in.

Call or email the Admissions Office at (614) 292-8810 or lawadmit@osu.edu, and they can give your username or reset your password.

I sent in all my materials, but my status online says my file is incomplete.

In most cases, your file is incomplete because we have not yet received your LSDAS report from LSAC. There is a slight time delay in when we receive your application and LSDAS report and manually indicate they have been received. If you find that your status has remained incomplete for some time, please contact the Admissions Office at (614) 292-8810 or email at lawadmit@osu.edu.

How is my application evaluated?

Moritz performs a holistic review of your application, meaning that all items in the file are considered before making a decision. In addition to LSAT scores and GPA, we also look at the candidate’s extracurricular involvement, work experience, personal statement, letters of recommendation, and a host of other factors when making a decision.

What is your deadline for applying?

The postmark deadline to apply for admission for the entering class is March 31.

I see your application has a character and fitness section. Will I automatically be denied admission if I answer “yes” to any of the questions?

Character and fitness issues are assessed on a case-by-case basis. By answering affirmatively to any of the questions in the character and fitness section, it will not necessarily harm your chances for admission. We do, however, ask that you submit a short explanation regarding the issue. Please note that if the school learns that your answer to one or more of these questions was not accurate, your acceptance may be revoked or, if you are already enrolled, you may be subject to disciplinary action up to and including dismissal.

Why do I need to answer the questions in the character and fitness section?

After a law student applies to take the bar examination, the respective bar examiners have the law school provide an evaluation of that student’s character and fitness to practice law. Therefore, an essential part of assessing a student’s character and fitness to practice law must be completed when an applicant is considered for admission.

I’ve received a traffic ticket before. Am I required to report that?

No. Minor traffic and parking violations are not necessary to report. However, charges of driving under the influence of alcohol, driving under the influence of drugs, and reckless driving must be disclosed as criminal charges.

While an undergraduate, I was placed on academic probation. Will that negatively affect my chances of being admitted?

Not necessarily. All character and fitness issues are assessed on a case-by-case basis. By submitting a short explanation, we can better understand the circumstances surrounding the issue and take that into consideration when reviewing your file.

I have new information that I would like to be added to my file, may I send that to the Admissions Office?

Yes. If your file has not yet been reviewed or has been deferred/waitlisted, feel free to send additional documentation in support of your admission. You may either mail it/fax it to the Admissions Office or email it in an attachment to lawadmit@osu.edu.

Do you have an early decision program?

Applicants to Moritz frequently indicate that Ohio State is their first choice for a legal education. For those students, Moritz does provide an Early Decision Option which gives applicants an expeditious evaluation and decision. This enables successful early decision applicants to pursue their educational, professional, and familial engagements free of the time, expense and anxiety associated with the law school application process. Applicants wishing to take advantage of this opportunity must submit their application for admission by the deadline in November. Please note that, if admitted under the early decision agreement, you agree to withdraw your applications from all other law schools.

Does Moritz permit transfer students?

Yes, provided the applicant has:

  • completed one year of work as a full-time student at an accredited law school;
  • ranked in the upper-third of his/her law school class; and
  • quantifiable pre-law credentials comparable to those of the Ohio State law student with whom he/she would be competing.

A transfer applicant is responsible for making certain that the following items are on file with the Admissions Office six weeks prior to the desired date of enrollment:

  • a completed application with $60 application fee;
  • an official transcript from their current law school;
  • a letter of good standing from the dean of the current law school;
  • a photocopy of the LSDAS report;
  • a statement indicating the reason(s) for desiring to transfer to Moritz;
  • and a letter of recommendation from a member of the law faculty at the current law school.

What is the application fee?

The fee is $60 for domestic applicants and $70 for international applicants.


How long will it take for a decision to be made?

Ideally, from the time your application goes under review, we hope that you will receive a decision in six to eight weeks. However, be aware that this may fluctuate throughout the year. January through March is the busiest time of year in our Admissions Office and sometimes may take longer for an application to be thoroughly reviewed.

I applied in November and it is now March, why haven’t I heard a decision?

In most cases, your application file is not fully completed. We only begin reviewing an applicant’s file when we receive all of the necessary documents. In this case, it is best to call or email the Admissions Office at (614) 292-8810 or lawadmit@osu.edu to see if your file is missing any items.

Can I call and get my decision over the phone?

No. Both for the sake of your privacy and our phone lines, we do not give admissions decisions over the phone. Your decision will be displayed on the Applicant Status page and through email.

What does it mean if my application’s been deferred?

If a student is deferred, the committee would like to have more time to review your file before a final decision is reached. You may submit additional information regarding grades, work experience, life experience, letters of recommendation, an addendum to explain LSAT scores or GPA, another more detailed personal statement, and/or anything else that you feel will improve your chances of acceptance. You do not have to provide any additional information if you feel your file is complete.

Once the Admissions Office has an opportunity to review your file a second time, then you will receive notification of a decision. We fully understand that each student that is deferred needs to know, as soon as possible, whether they will receive an offer of admission. We make all possible efforts to notify a student of a decision as soon as one is made. 

I am on the wait list. When will I know whether an admissions offer will be extended?

Once you have been placed on the wait list, you truly have to wait and see. 

Every year, Ohio State Law receives applications from qualified students in a number that far exceeds the number of available seats. We limit our entering class size to approximately 200 students.

If you have been placed on the wait list, the Admissions Office has carefully reviewed your file. Although additional information may be submitted (i.e. an updated transcript), it will not be reviewed unless, and until, a decision is made to extend offers of admission to students on the wait list. 

The Admissions Office takes great effort to determine those students who really are planning to enroll so that we can determine, as soon as feasible, whether offers will be extended to wait-listed students. The number of students pulled from the wait list varies greatly each year.

Although we fully understand that each student on the wait list needs to know, as soon as possible, whether they will have an opportunity to attend Ohio State in the fall, we cannot extend offers from the wait list based upon individual student deadlines. If we are able to determine in late-June that the likelihood of an individual student being pulled from the wait list is very small, we will notify that student in order to assist them in finalizing other options. 

If a decision is made to extend offers to students on the wait list, the Admissions Office will review the files and select a group of students for further consideration. Factors taken into account may include, but are not limited to, the recommendations of the Admissions Committee, comparability of quantifiable credentials to that of the seated class, compatibility with Moritz College of Law programming, and contribution to the range of diversity within the class (educational/experiential background, residency/nonresidency, ethnic/cultural, area of substantive interest, etc.).

If there is any change on your wait list status, we will contact you as soon as possible. We would appreciate it if you would keep us informed of changes in your contact information via email at lawadmit@osu.edu

After Admission

Are scholarships given to incoming students?

Yes. Each year, we offer approximately $2.2 million in grants and scholarships. Primarily, first-year students are eligible for scholarships based on academic merit, leadership, and diversity. For more information about our scholarships, please visit the Scholarships & Financial Aid section on our website.

I want to work during my first year. Is that permitted?

No. The Moritz College of Law has a long-standing policy that states that first-year students may not work. The first year of law school is very different from undergraduate school or holding a job, as the demands of the curriculum are inconsistent with outside employment. The American Bar Association, American Association of Law Schools, and the League of Ohio Law Schools impose a 20-hour maximum on the number of hours a second- or third-year student may work in a week.

Can I get football tickets?

Law students are eligible to purchase a season ticket for Ohio State football games. Please visit www.hangonsloopy.com or call 1-800-GO-BUCKS for more information.

What classes will I take my first year?

In the fall semester, each student takes Contracts, Legal Writing, Torts, Criminal Law, Civil Procedure I, and Legal Research. In the spring semester, students will take Legal Writing and Analysis, Property, Legislation, and Constitutional Law.

Do you offer deferred admissions?

Moritz does offer deferred admissions on a case-by-case basis. If you are admitted and are interested in a one-year deferral, please send an email to lawadmit@osu.edu explaining your reasons for a deferral.

Is a seat deposit required to hold my spot?

If you are admitted to Moritz and wish to attend in the fall, you must submit a $225 seat deposit. Only by submitting your seat deposit will you be able to reserve your seat in the 1L class.

Is the seat deposit refundable?

No. After you submit your seat deposit, it is not refundable under any circumstances. Should you choose not to attend Moritz, you will forfeit your deposit.