Legislation Clinic

In recent years, state legislatures have found themselves confronting many of our most complex public policy issues, in part because of efforts to downsize national government and revitalize principles of federalism. Law students can help Ohio legislators to analyze potential legislative issues, examine how other states have sought to address them, and develop statutory (or other) responses that are appropriate for our state.

The Clinic’s twice-weekly classroom component focuses on aspects of Ohio legislative process. For their clinical experience, some students are placed with one of the four Leadership Caucuses in the Ohio General Assembly (majority and minority in House and Senate), or with individual members of key committees, such as Judiciary and Finance. Other students serve with the Legislative Service Commission, working with LSC professional staff on bill analyses, special studies, or research reports. Additional placement opportunities include the Joint Committee on Agency Rule Review, the Office of the Governor, and cabinet-level agencies of state government.

The Clinic helps law students to appreciate the importance of legislative lawyering as they develop their own skills in this arena. By observing and participating with others working in areas such as policy analysis, information-sharing in a partisan context, and negotiation among multiple parties, law students better understand why these skills matter. To obtain these benefits, participants should expect to spend a substantial amount of time each week in their clinical placement. In addition, the majority of the Ohio General Assembly’s legislative work occurs on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and occasional Thursdays.