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Dakota S. Rudesill

Ethics of Washington Lawyering

Course Description:

The course will focus on the core institutions of Washington lawyering, including Congress, the White House, Department of Justice, federal agencies, and the courts. It will cover ethical requirements and issuess of lawyering on a variety of topics, such as congressional oversight and lawmaking, nominations, setting law and legal policy for the Executive Branch, the Administrative …


Course Description:

This course examines legislative lawmaking processes, including the importance of congressional committees and the role of lobbying, and also the approaches taken by federal courts and agencies when interpreting statutes. The inclusion of the Legislation course in the first-year curriculum reflects how important legislative lawmaking has become to the American common law tradition. The course …

Legislation Clinic

Course Description:

In recent years, state legislatures have found themselves confronting many of our most complex public policy issues, in part because of efforts to downsize national government and revitalize principles of federalism. Law students can help Ohio legislators to analyze potential legislative issues, examine how other states have sought to address them, and develop statutory (or …

National Security Law and Process

Course Description:

This course examines the legal (international, constitutional, statutory, and administrative), process, policy, political, and personality aspects of the government’s national security efforts, as conducted by lawyers and policymakers. It explores horizontal federal interactions and vertical interactions international, federal, state, and local coordination). The course’s classroom portion has six modules: (1)conceptual and constitutional framing; (2) national …