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Real Estate

Business Associations

Course Description:

This course provides an introduction to the laws governing business entities. We will examine the structure and characteristics of modern business organizations, particularly publicly traded and closely held business corporations. Significant emphasis is placed upon the nature of the corporate governance system and the fiduciary obligations of directors and officers. A broad range of topics …

Commercial Leasing

Course Description:

The course will be a focused study of the various business and legal considerations which drive the leasing of a commercial real estate project. We will examine the material provisions of a variety of lease documents, including office, industrial, retail and ground leases. The students will be given ample opportunity throughout the semester to review, …

Drafting Business Contracts

Course Description:

This course provides students with a practical, hands-on introduction to the skills, techniques, and strategies that transactional business lawyers use when drafting business contracts.

Federal Income Tax

Course Description:

The course provides an introduction to the basic principles of Federal Income Tax. The principal subject areas include: (1) characteristics of income (what is included in income); (2) allowable deductions and exemptions; (3) timing issues; (4) income splitting; (5) preferential tax provisions including capital gains; and (6) brief examination of other methods of taxation including …

Legal Negotiations and Settlements

Course Description:

Study of the theory, law, and practice of transactional and settlement negotiations. Selected topics include: relationship of bargaining concepts to democratic theory; adversarial versus problem-solving negotiating frameworks; distributive versus integration negotiating issues; comparison of bargaining dynamics and advocate strategies deployed in 2-party negotiations and multi-party negotiations; representing clients in a facilitated negotiation; and ethical dilemmas …


Course Description:

This course examines traditional and modern concepts of property, including ownership, the creation of interests held in personal and real property, the transfer of such interests, and private and public restrictions upon the use of property. While much of the course will focus on issues involving the possession, ownership, and use of land by private …

Real Estate Development

Course Description:

The course will take a practical, “hands on” approach to the multi-faceted area of real estate development law. Case studies based on actual, “real world” projects will serve as the backdrop for our examination of the myriad of legal disciplines that a real estate development lawyer needs to master in order to be successful. Disciplines …

Real Estate Finance

Course Description:

Introductory study of real estate financing, emphasizing mortgages, deeds of trust, installment land contracts, rights and remedies of borrowers and lenders, and contemporary financing innovations.

Secured Transactions

Course Description:

This course deals with credit transactions in which the collateral is personal property.  It focuses on Article 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code, but considers other parts of the U.C.C. as well pertinent parts of such statutes as the Bankruptcy Code and the Internal Revenue Code. We deal first with how credit works outside the …