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Law and Other Disciplines

American Legal History

Experiential Course Requirement? No Seminar? No Professional Responsibility? No Prerequisites: None Course Description: The history of American law from its colonial antecedents until the twentieth century, emphasizing the relationship between law and the changing social, political, and economic conditions.

Anthropology and the Law Seminar

Course Description: Law is often viewed (and taught) as an autonomous system of abstract concepts and precepts with its own logic, which can originate from other parts of a society. Anthropologists such as Hoebel, Pospisil, and Nadar and some legal scholars such as Oliver W. Holmes have held that law can be properly understood only …

Black Lives Matter: Law and Culture

Course Description: This course examines law as a site that has defined both blackness and humanness in relationship to African Americans. It also explores black culture to understand various responses to injustice.

Critical Race Narratives

Course Description: This team-taught course will focus on the relationship between narrative and law by using critical race theory to examine how race in America is a narrative of property and power. By reading a number of essayists and several novelists, we will explore such questions as: Who owns the narrative of slavery? Who can …

Forensic Mental Health

Experiential Course Requirement? No Seminar? No Professional Responsibility? No Prerequisites: None Course Description: This course discusses the civil and criminal aspects of mental health case law including involuntary civil commitment, competence to stand trial, and sanity at the time of the act.

Law and Economics

Course Description: This course examines these and similar questions by introducing the students to one of today’s most powerful schools of legal thought, Law and Economics. Law and Economics applies the basic tools of economic reasoning to legal doctrines and provides a set of tools for analyzing laws.

Law and Genetics

This class provides an opportunity to examine the process by which law responds to rapid changes in scientific knowledge and technology and also the ways in which law affects the course of scientific development. In addition to gaining a perspective on this interaction between the development of law and science, the course aims to give …

Law and Social Science

Course Description: This course introduces students to the use of social science evidence by legal practitioners and courts at all levels. Such evidence is used, for example, in cases involving issues of trademark infringement, obscenity, discrimination, identification of criminal offenders, potential jury prejudice, eyewitness reliability, sexual assault, self-defense, dangerousness, and the fashioning of remedies.

Law, History, & Philosophy Seminar

Experiential Course Requirement? No Seminar? Yes Professional Responsibility? No Prerequisites: None Course Description: The seminar is largely made up of student presentations, assisted by me, on the topics they have chosen to write about. The topics include the legal and philosophical background of the American Revolution, Greek and Roman sources, the Bible in history and law, schools of jurisprudence, …